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Market and Customer Research 

Understanding the market is an essential ingredient for an organisation's success - ask any large multinational and they will tell you that getting this right was critical for their long-term growth. However, most companies know only the top-level detail about their market with surprisingly many placing research at the bottom end of their priorities and relying on their own hunches when it comes to major investment decisions.

The practice recognises that there is no reason for this to be the case with a range of cost-effective support available for any company who is at the stage of asking ‘what should I do next?’

Approaches used comprise desk and field (telephone, face-to-face) methods as well as the ability to offer internet surveys through packages such as Survey Monkey. With respect to field research Chris Hadley Consulting has a uniquely high success rate often able to convert 80-90% of prospects into interviews – vital if you have a tightly defined customer base!

The practice has a flexible approach to market and customer research offering both ad-hoc and regular research programmes. Support ranges from one-off projects to long-term tracking programmes that offer the ability for analysis of customer segments.

The practice is equally active in the research and production of market studies. Here it has worked with a number of UK research organisations such as ERC Group, Frost & Sullivan, Mintel and YouGov.