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Developing the Marketing Plan

In the context of planning, developing a marketing plan that fits with your objectives, goals and strategies is vital. The plan is the link between what you want to achieve and how it will be achieved ‘on the ground’.

Various variables come into play here. They are often known as the 4'P's or what marketing guru Philip Kotler famously described as the ‘marketing mix’:

Product – features of the product or service

Price – price, discounting, credit terms etc.,

Place – where the product or service will be available

Promotion – how the product or service will be promoted

Depending on the product or service different ‘mixes’ are required - just as if you were a chef!

For those in the service sector three additional variables also need to be considered:

People – the impact of the people delivering the service

Processes – the processes taking place to deliver the service

Physical Evidence – the likes of branding, layout of a service facility, uniforms etc.,

Thus effectively 4 P’s becomes 7 P’s!

Chris Hadley Consulting can help with this ‘mix’ as well as the procedures required to ensure that success in delivery of the marketing plan is maximised.