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Strategy/Market Development

Having undertaken customer/market research and committed oneself to a planning process that will realise your aims, strategy and market development is the next crucial stage. Be it at a corporate or marketing level, the choice of a correct strategy for the market/s in which you operate will play a major part in not only goals being either achieved or missed but those goals also being maximised.

Initially organisations might wish to consider how they will interact with a new market. Would a competitive strategy be better than a focused strategy for example? Should a strategy based on price be employed?

Beyond this, individual market strategies for a product or service then need to be addressed. Should attention be given to particular segments within a company's portfolio of products or services? What about life cycles and product/service development? How should a company respond on positioning within a market?

This inevitably leads on to quesitons such as what market share should a company be looking to achieve?

Again Chris Hadley Consulting can offer the experience and tools to assist through models such as Ansoff, Directional Policy Matrix or BCG.