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Market Planning

Planning is essential for any organisation’s success with marketing no exception. Ultimately you can only be confident that your objectives will be realised if you have a plan in place. Yet as with other aspects of marketing, many companies tend to plan on the hoof believing that things will come right as long as the perceived ingredients for success for their market are added.

However, as any chef will tell you just adding ingredients is only half the job!

Planning allows for a review of a company and a market to be undertaken in view of the planning objectives that are in place. Importantly, it allows for the likely failures that may result when a plan is implemented to be reviewed and appropriate alternatives to be offered. Ultimately it offers a step-by-step process for minimising risk thereby minimising potential financial losses while maximising possible gains. 

A situational analysis (where you are now)

Objectives and goals (where do you want to go)

Strategies to achieve your aims (how you will get there)

An action programme (tactics used to achieve these strategies)

Budgets and controls

While the above may sound complicated, help is only a click or phone-call away.