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Market Intelligence

Information is power and as a business having such power provides a major leverage over your competitors. Yet while information may hold the key to increased sales obtaining, sifting and analysing which pieces of information are relevant to your business can be time consuming and hit-and-miss for those who don’t monitor the market on a regular basis.

This is where Chris Hadley Consulting can help. The practice has considerable experience sourcing and analysing the information that is most relevant to your business planning process. We know who to approach both formally and importantly for you, informally.

More importantly as experienced consultants in sectors such as environment products and services we know how information should be used to assist you in your future market development.

Projects are often very specific to a client’s needs and require a quick turnaround. Examples include:

  • Reviewing available information on a market, product or service
  • Competitor strategies towards a market or sector
  • Understanding public sector and regulatory thinking
  • Assessing likely bidders for an acquisition target.

Detailed references can be provided on recent projects. Please contact the practice for more information.